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This is a community for news on new costuming movies. Anyone can post links to trailers, announcements, movie websites, new pictures, or groups and websites for movie costumes. We're pretty liberal with the definition of costuming movie, too, so if in doubt post it anyway!

There are very few rules:

1. No profanity, derogatory remarks, or pornography. If it might be offensive find another way to say it; you can disagree with an idea without flaming.

2. If you have a problem email the mod. I can be reached at auroraceleste (at) gmail (dot) com. Don't bait flamers or trolls.

3. Unless your community pertains to costuming and movies, don't advertise it here without permission from the mod.

4. Don't be offended if you ask about a movie costume and we send you elsewhere. It's not that we don't want your company, but this is intended as a place for those fleeting movies that are good but never gain a costume fandom, or for those that haven't gotten enough attention yet for fen to coalesce. If there's a community of people out there that have studied the movie you're asking about, we're going to send you to them because they're the experts.

5. Don't post your sales or auctions on here. This is a sales-free community.

What's ok to post:

-News about an upcoming movie.

-Link or advertising to a movie's website, imdb's listing, actor or actress website with news, costuming yahoo groups or websites, or your lj community's link about movie costumes.

-A review of a costume movie you just saw (note, the rule says YOU just saw, not just came out; any movies are fair game, whether they've been out 1 day or 50 years).

-A review of the costumes in a movie you just saw, or analyzed from pictures.

-Information on websites that can help make costumes from a costuming movie, or have pictures from a costuming movie ((caveat: don't just post "check out the pictures/info at X", post that "Costumes from Star Wars can be made with info from X", or "There are great Star Wars pictures at Y")).

-Info on a movie's release or DVD release of a costuming movie.

-Icons, screencaps, pictures, etc, as long as big/many go under an LJ cut. If you don't know how to LJ cut look in the LJ FAQ at the top of the screen.