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Provincial Belle Dress/Apron

I've been researching for the past week and turned up no results. I was wondering if anybody knew of website with a costume study for Belle's blue dress from the beginning of Beauty and the Beast. If not, any suggestions for a pattern (or combination of patterns) that would work with only minor alterations would be muchly appreciated. I'll probably wind up browsing through patterns for this one, but I thought I'd see if somebody had already done some of the dirty work before I spent the time on that. :) Thank you!


Does anyone knew where I can find costume information for the movie Legend? I would like to make the black wedding dress (either the dancing dress or Lili wearing it.) for a convention I am attending in nine months. Any information you can send my way would be great.

New Costume Icontest

Hello all, I hope this type of promo is okay to post here as it is (hopefully) relevant to the interests of the comm members, and seemed to be okay accordin to the profile rules.

I want to invite everyone who loves costume dramas and period clothing to check out:

An icon rumble is a type of Highest Score Wins icontest.  Everyone who signs up plays until the end and the highest points tally wins.  Competition runs for 10 weeks at a time.

We're a brand new community and could use more members!  The competition will start September 26th, assuming we have enough people signed up!

elven glare

for anyone in Devon, England

Just to let you all know, in case youre interested with regard to costuming / props / film making etc,  theres an exhibition on at Torquay Museum (http://www.torquaymuseum.org/)  of costumes and props from the Titanic movie - as well as historical artifacts from the REAL Titanic. Its part of a touring exhibition - www.titanichonourandglory.com is the tour website. 
The exhibition is on in Torquay until Aug 26th.

robin hood

BBC's Ron Hood

Ok so it's not technically a movie, but I've made a gallery of Lady Marian's costumes from season 2 of BBC's series Robin Hood.

I don't have a season 1 gallery because I honestly didn't like the costumes, but season 2 is much better.

Clicking on the picture will take you to the gallery.

Here you go:

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So I'm going to be making one of these girls from Apocalypto for one of my MA assignments. I'm going as far as doing the hair and costume as well. The costume I'm not scared of doing - the hair though is another story. How would I do this? I know I wrap synthetic hair or yarn around a bendable tube - but what is this tube exactly? And would it be light enough for the head?

Hair cutCollapse )

Also - how would you do the ear plugs? I could sculpt them and make a cast, but what would I make the positive out of that would be light enough for false stretch lobes?
Southpark picture

Sweeney Todd - The Demon Barber

Hello there!

I've just come home from seeing this film and feel I must sing it's praises for the costumes, you MUST see this!  Colleen Attwood has the perfect level of wear and grubby mixed with gothic beauty. 

Many films don't like to show wear and tear on clothing, but this one does, a worn collar here, a less than bright shirt there. I think I will be in froth mode for some time to come.