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original costumes from 'Stardust' up for sale

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Well I've found some gloves I could use for one of my LRP characters, so it would be nice to be wearing a little movie magic.

thanks very much for posting these.
OHHHH! I totally bid. I loved this movie so much and its funny because I was about to do some research into creating a Stardust costume for con. I have bid on both Lamia and Una's outfits but I am a little sad that Yvaine's blue dress wasn't offered. Guess I will have to get off my lazy butt and make it myself.
When I made the post, the blue dress was up for auction. I didn't save it, so I don't know what it went for.

Good luck!!
Well, now I am depressed. Its alright though I love Lamia's dress. Its fantastic. Honestly, I just love the costuming of the whole film.